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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Over 350 people and growing to serve the pace of the Unilever business globally!

Let’s get a closer look at SEAPAC’s pearl, U-Studio Vietnam.

The U-Studio has been a part of the Unilever Vietnam family for over a year now. We are continuously working together with brands in a more intimate level trying to understand challenges, needs and objectives through our inside intelligence model.

Our creative approach and partnership with Unilever has proved to be a valuable in providing quick and quality work. U-Studio Vietnam has grown from 7 people in the past year to 26 people this year and delivered creative assets from 60 to over 2,000 assets a month. We've made our team robust with multi-disciplinary and experienced communication practitioners from our creatives to our e-commerce team, community team and client service team in order to provide wider creative solutions.

We believe that brands has the power to change people’s lives and play a meaningful role in the world. We exist to help unleash that power of the brand. U-Studio globally has over 350+ people (63% women and 37% men). We are lead by creativity, obsessed with craft, built for speed, driven by data and strategy. We see, hear speak for your brands. Empowering change from the inside and better connecting Unilever globally. We are moving at the speed of your business.

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